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How Do Facebook Ads Work?

We publish your ad to Facebook users and if they’re interested, they’ll click the call to action to bring up a form prefilled with their personal information that they’ve shared with the network. They can then review the information, edit it if needed and click Submit.

We can collect info such as: E-mail, First Name, Last Name, Full Name, Phone Number, Street Address, City, State, Province, Country, Post Code, Zip Code, Date of Birth, Gender, Marital Status, Relationship Status, Company Name, Military Status, Job title, Work phone number, Work email or any custom questions you’d like answered.

We will automatically transfer these leads to your CRM, Google Sheets, CSV or any other method you prefer as well as notify you as leads come in.

Facebook LeadGen Ad Campaigns

Below are the services included in your Facebook LeadGen Package.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have a flat monthly fee of $1249 up to $10k in ad spend. If your ad spend is greater than $10k, we have tiered pricing levels depending on the actual amount of ad spend.

It will take up to 10 days to get your campaign set up and ads approved.

Yes. You will see leads from the campaigns we set up for you.

Yes, if we determine that you require running different objectives to start in order for LeadGen ad campaigns to be productive, we will prime your account to run an awareness campaign to start.

Yes, we can set up lead generation campaigns on Instagram if we determine that your product or service is a good fit for that platform. Depending on what information you require from the lead (for example, if you require scheduling, which is not supported yet on Instagram) you may or may not be able to advertise using LeadGen ads on Instagram.

If we have already started working on your ads, we cannot offer refunds. We will refund any unused ad spend if you are not set up to be billed directly on Facebook.

Yes, we will gather those requirements as we onboard your account.

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