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Fresh Local Leads helps small and local businesses drive leads and sales to your business without having to find the best sales person or without being good at sales yourself.

How do we do this? We offer a completely done-for-you service, building your lead generation website from ground up, optimized to receive traffic from search engines and social media and attracting people who are looking to buy your service or product. This works for both B2B or B2C businesses.

Pricing starts at $499 per month.

Organic Lead Generation

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We help you create a continuous supply of leads over time without having to spend money on ads. You’ll create a sustainable business and get rid of the fear of competing with advertisers who have big ad budgets.

With our simple pricing there’s no confusion. You’ll receive all LeadGen services under one flat monthly fee.

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Organic Lead Generation Package

Below are the services included with your monthly Organic Lead Generation Package.

Frequently Asked Questions

$499 per month

You’ll see your your LeadGen website in 1-2 weeks. Depending on your competition, you can start seeing leads come in within 90 days or less.

We guarantee you will start seeing traffic to your LeadGen website. We create landing pages and help recommend content that will attract leads to your website and getting these visitors to take action.

We create a baseline using your current rankings in addition to questions you answer during a quick onboarding interview. If you don’t already have analytics set up, we will help get analytics set up so that you can view how your site is doing at any time.

Even when your website has reached the top search engine spots for your keywords, you still need SEO to remain in that position. Search engines analyze your site against many factors and they compare how you rank against your competition. To remain in top positions, you should maintain and add more keywords to rank for over time. We not only optimize for rankings, we optimize your site to get inquiries, sales, form fills, phone calls and other conversion events.

Yes, you can absolutely make the decision to stop making payments. You can keep the work that has been done on your website, but we will no longer continue optimizing your website to generate more leads.

You will need to continue updating your site in order to remain relevant in the eyes of search engines. Every business will require new content, new links and other factors that go into maintaining rankings. With the increase in targeted traffic, you’ll see the value we produce for your business. The monthly cost will be justified through the sales and leads that continue to come in month after month.

You can cancel anytime, but once we start work on your LeadGen website, we will not be able to provide a refund as these are services rendered with time, effort and resources to get your LeadGen site set up.

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